About us

Beijing CrazySports Industry Management Co., Ltd. is an Interactive Entertainment service Provider, whose business mainly covers sports-games and lottery-service. Basing on Sports Industry, Beijing CrazySports has the abilities of developing products、operating tournaments & providing services.

Beijing CrazySports aims for becoming the largest sport-game platform, including sport athletic games、 quiz games、live interactive Games and chess card leisure Games. Now Beijing CrazySports is focusing on 3 major strategies: landing and operating world top sport-games into China, Creating a classic sport-games on the basic of top Sports Event IP, changing the most popular games into sport styles.

In July 2017, Beijing CrazySports singed a contract with Chinese Football Association Super League co., ltd, having became “the Only Senior Partner in the Official Game of Chinese Super League” . In the next 6 years, Beijing CrazySports owns the Only rights to develop CSL IP fully and variously.

I"Path to bet” aims to provide latest lottery information, expert analysis of football & basketball lottery. Lots of users enjoy lottery-discussing groups and experts’ recommendation through video & voice. In addition, "Path to bet” signed many famous sports stars to provide more professional match prediction, including Hao Haidong, Li Weifeng, Gong Lei, Zhang Yunsong, Liang Yan and so on. Till now, there are more than 10 million active users in DongGeQiu, which is leading the trends of lottery industry 3.0 .